Sub-wiki's bread-crumbs issue

Hi guys,

I’m a beginner of xwiki, I create some sub-wiki under the Main wiki, sometime it will have issue of bread-crumbs where is on the middle of top.
Usually, the level of bread-crumbs should be “Main”->“sub-wiki”->“sub-wiki pages”

Here “IT department” is sub-wiki, so I can switch from sub-wikiA to sub-wikiB easily.
But sometime, the bread-crumbs was come to “sub-wiki”->“sub-wiki pages”

When this issue happaned, I cannot go back “Main wiki” with change URL or use Macro: [[Go Main Home Page>>doc:xwiki:Main.WebHome]]

I don’t know which action has been a trigger, is anybody have same issue with me?

Here is the screenshot, I have to put them in one file bcz new user just can upload one image…

I’m aware if I refresh the page after a long time haven’t do any action on sub-wiki pages , this “problem” was coming (like session timeout then logout by xwiki).
Like the users are login from sub-wiki, they cannot see full level of WIKI index.

If you don’t see the main wiki in the breadcrumb of a subwiki then:

  • either you are a local user (your user profile page is in that subwiki)
  • or the subwiki is configured to allow only local users (check the subwiki descriptor in the subwiki administration)