Testing the latest xwiki snapshot including extensions

Since 10.10-rc-1 unfortunately had several issue, we’d like to test stuff before 10.10 is released, since there is no rc-2 I guess.

I created a docker image for the latest master snapshot, which is working fine.

But there were also fixes for the CKEditor (e.g. CKEDITOR-243).
How do I install a master build of ckeditor? The xwiki snapshot installed the CKEditor Integration 1.27 via extension manager (Standard-Flavor)

There is is also Repository - Sonatype Nexus Repository , which as a XAR I can import via XWiki Administration.

But I guess I’ll also need


? How do I install those jar files? Or more exactly, where to put them in the docker image.

Thank you.

I guess you could simply upgrade the CKeditor etxension in XWiki’s EM UI.

Edit xwiki.properties and add the snapshot repo and then use advanced search to upgrade the CKEditor extension.

For xwiki.properties:


For the extension id, use: org.xwiki.contrib:application-ckeditor-ui and version 1.28-SNAPSHOT.

Now I don’t know if @mflorea has planned to upgrade CKEditor for 10.10 final. Maybe we’ll stay on 1.27?

EDIT: We’ll probably upgrade since Loading... is a blocker. BTW @mflorea to not forget I was expecting to see 1.28-SNAPSHOT at xwiki-platform/pom.xml at 3c73cfa61cb762d7f502abaea10ec9f44e0dcbd1 · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub

We’ll upgrade. See Loading... .

Why? CKEditor Integration is like any other third party dependency we have and I don’t remember other places where we’re using SNAPSHOT version for third party dependencies. One reason is that we may forget to put the final version before the release and the release manager will have to fix it.

Personally I do that whenever I work on something that needs a bump of the bundled versions because that makes sense and allows to test with it. It’s the normal Maven way.

That’s the point. To not be able to release without resolving the versions :wink: It’s a last resort check. And the RM shouldn’t release with some open jira anyway.

Anyway having a jira issue is already good. It just means you are going to have less people to have tested it (and by people I mean devs). I build XWiki regularly but if it uses 1.27 there’s no way that I’ll test 1.28-SNAPSHOT by default when I test xwiki every day…