The given path [...] must be a readable and writable directory

I currently have an issue with solr (fresh xwiki installation with default flavor).
This folder exists:
and also it is readable and writable with the service account.
(Full Access)
Even if i allow everyone on this folder, it doesn’t work.

The issue is directly in the fresh installation visible:

You need to find the user with which you start the servlet container and make sure it has read/write access for that user. What you are showing above was for a single directory, you need the whole path to be readable and writable.

It’s easy to test:

  • Log with the user used to start the servlet container
  • Try to create a file in that directory.

@vmassol Thank you for your answer. I have now tried a few things. In general, the service account can write to this folder completely (the whole data folder). Data is also stored there by xwiki. Only solr did not work. But I created another account a kind of xwiki service account and then gave it permission. Apparently there are only problems with the general service user.

Briefly summarised for people with the same problems:

  • create or use a seperated account for the tomcat windows service