The right to view Lightbox Macro 2

Hi All,

I’ve got the probem with the right when using the lightbox (Lightbox Macro 2)

I used the Admin role to create a page with Lightbox Macro. It works perfectly

But when I login with normal user (with view right) and it show error message
"Failed to execute the [include] macro. Cause: [Current user [xwiki:XWiki.normaluser] doesn’t have view rights on document [Document xwiki:XWiki.Lightbox]]. Click on this message for details.

When I set the right of “normal user” to “admin” or “program”. It works ok

I don’t know why the Lightbox Macro 2 need the admin or prgram right to execute.
Help me please


I had a similar problem in that certain users were getting that same error message when viewing the page. What worked in my situation was to navigate to the extension page in the wiki, and then edit the access rights to add the View rights to those users.
Caveat: I have an older version of xwiki (8.4.5), and I had to have my profile set to Advanced user to see that Extension page in the list under the wiki.

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