Toc macro - skip heading and styling

I want two things…

  1. Skip a heading from displaying in toc. (What is {{notoc}} )
  2. Want to customize toc style… like accordian. Where and How can I edit the toc macro?

This is not implemented yet. See Loading...

Open your browser’s dev tools and check the styles. Then use some CSS to style it using a stylsheet extension for example (see

So at present, is there an easy way to skip heading in toc?

No. Headings are meant to be in a TOC. If you don’t want it in a TOC, I guess you should use something else than a heading :slight_smile: (using the same style if you wish). For example using the HTML macro:


= heading =

<h1>not in toc</h1>

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Thanks. It worked perfectly for me.
As I am not a coder, I only realize these simple solutions after somebody tells me. :laughing: