Tooltip macro : click event listener not loaded when used in a livetable cell

I am trying to use the “tooltip macro” extension ( in the framework of a cell in a livetable output by an “app within minutes”. I am using a computed field with the following code in the “script” box :

#set ($obj = $doc.getObject('ExternalDataSources.Code.ExternalDataSourcesClass'))
#set ($explain = $obj.getProperty('EXPLAIN').value)
#if ($explain && $explain != '')
{{tooltip label="explanation" event="click"}}

The html produced seems OK but clicking on the tooltip icon does not trigger anything.

The same code used outside the livetable works properly and clicking the icon does display the contents of the tooltip.

I started debugging and noticed that in the first (buggy?) situation in the livetable, the click event listener for the “span.tooltipHint” element is not loaded, contrary to the usual situation :

Any explanation? Would it be due to the livetable somehow blocking the process?