Transfer form fields to document and dispaly in cover page of pdf

Hello @ all,
I have a Document Template and whant to genereate at front a From Field with some Information.
After fill out all infomation i would like to export my document to PDF with pdf-template and the infomation needs to be display on “cover” page of PDF.

My input form field looks like this:

#set ($discard = $xwiki.ssx.use(‘Sandbox.BHB-Vorlage_t1’))
<form name=“anmeldung” action=“” method=“”>
<label for=“dokumententitel”>Dokumententitel:
<input id=“dokumententitel” type=“text” name=“dokumententitel” />

<label for=“organisation”>Organisation:
<input id=“organisation” type=“text” name=“organisation” />

<label for=“abteilung”>Abteilung:
<input id=“abteilung” type=“text” name=“abteilung” />

<label for=“autor”>Autor:
<input id=“autor” type=“text” name=“autor” />

<label for=“version”>Version:
<input id=“version” type=“text” name=“version” />

<label for=“status”>Status:
<input id=“status” type=“text” name=“status” />

<input type=“submit” value=“Sichern”>


Question, how can i save the input in the document?
How can I insert / transfer that one on PDF Cover?

Many thank to all.