Unable to import large xar in sub-wikis (9.6)

I’m still using an older version of XWiki (9.6), mainly because I’m reluctant to give up the old GWT editor.

Attachment store is of file type, and I set up a 10 GB limit in http://mywiki:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?editor=object.

I try to import a 4GB XAR archive. It works perfectly fine in the main wiki, but I still get the “Please choose files under 32.0 Mb” error in the sub-wikis.

I restarted the server, emptied the browser cache (an tried with several browsers), but the error persists. I can upload large files in the main wiki, but not in the sub-wikis.

Is there some other configuration to do in order to be able to import large files in sub-wikis ?

It’s possible that this property is per wiki. Did you also set it in the subwikis?

It’s true that it’s not mentioned at Attachments (XWiki.org) but maybe it’s missing.

Yup, that was it, it’s per wiki. Thanks !

ok thanks. I’ve updated the doc at Attachments (XWiki.org)