Upgrade of l10n.xwiki.org

Hello everyone,

we are starting a big upgrade of our Weblate instance that is used to perform translations of XWiki (https://l10n.xwiki.org). As part of this upgrade we are moving from Python 2 to Python 3, we are moving from Weblate 3.9 to Weblate 4.3 and last but not least we are changing internally the way translations are handled to have a better maintainability of our Weblate instance.

So this upgrade won’t be instant, we will try to avoid as much as possible any service interruption of l10n.xwiki.org but some might occur in the following weeks. Note that we just forbid any new registration on l10n.xwiki.org since the data are already copied on a new server and we want to avoid having to sync it again. New users will be of course allowed once the migration will be completely finished.
On the same way, note that any new comment on l10n.xwiki.org might be lost until the migration is finished. New translations on l10n.xwiki.org shouldn’t be lost at all.

Please keep an eye on this forum thread, I will try to keep you posted on the operation to avoid any loss of content.
For XWiki Committers: be aware that I’m conducting tests with the new Weblate instance, so if you see new pull requests for translation in the coming days please ask me before merging them.

Thanks all for your contributions on XWiki translations.


Perfect, new version of Weblate has very nice features like a powerfull search.

Good luck in this migration :crossed_fingers:

Hi everyone,

we conducted some tests on the new Weblate instance the past few days and we’re now ready to move on. We’ll now redirect everyone to the new instance of Weblate starting this afternoon. The intervention will happen around 16:00PM today.

So please finish all work on Weblate before 16:00 today or you might lost some work.

Hi again,

we just performed the switch as announced. So you should now see the new Weblate instance. Don’t hesitate to post here if you encounter any unexpected behaviour when using the upgraded platform.

For committers: I will provide soon a documentation for adding a new component in Weblate the process changed with the new upgrade.

Hi everyone,

sorry we have to switch back to the old version of Weblate for few time: we discovered some important bugs related to the support of XWiki translation formats that we need to handle.

Hi everyone,

we’ve been working on fixing the bugs we found and the fix have been released on latest Weblate version. We just upgraded it, so we are going to perform again the switch to use the most recent version of Weblate in production in 1 hour. Please resume your work on http://l10n.xwiki.org/.


We just performed the switch, you can now resume your work. And as specified few weeks ago, don’t hesitate to come tell us here if you see anything weird related to the usage of the new translation platform.


Hi!I can’t create any translation of Simplified Chinese(zh). Only Taiwan Chinese(zh-tw) is avaliable.

Hi, can you share the URL of the component where you’re trying to create such translation? Normally Simplified Chinese (zh) is allowed.

I can definitely see it when clicking “Start new translation” for XWiki Contrib/Page Relations Application @ Weblate XWiki.org. Which translation resource are you trying to create a zh translation for ? Maybe you are trying to edit existing translations only and nobody created the zh translation for it yet ?

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Note that there’s an error for that specific component, related to a refactoring of the code by @slauriere. I informed him about that problem.

I tried to create a new zh translation here .The request is shown below:

await fetch("https://l10n.xwiki.org/new-lang/xwiki-platform/xwiki-xwikisyntaxdefinitionlists/", {
"credentials": "include",
"headers": {
    "User-Agent": "",
    "Accept": "text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8",
    "Accept-Language": "zh-CN,zh;q=0.8,zh-TW;q=0.7,zh-HK;q=0.5,en-US;q=0.3,en;q=0.2",
    "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
    "Upgrade-Insecure-Requests": "1"
"referrer": "https://l10n.xwiki.org/",
"body":   "csrfmiddlewaretoken=tokenVzejaKUXDH9jCaH9I9WLLR1vwNoCClMBsn1q7GpA3d3sTkMtOOBe815fgxO&lang=zh",
"method": "POST",
"mode": "cors"

I tried to create a new zh translation here

I just applied the suggestion I saw in XWiki Platform/XWiki.UserProfileTranslations — Chinese (Simplified) (zh) @ Weblate XWiki.org: Choose what type of user will be the default one. … and didn’t get any error. What error did you get exactly when trying to perform the translation?

[EDIT: I just perform a slight change in Weblate, let me know if that fixes your issue.]

I clicked the “+” mark to create a new translate for a component that have no Chinese translate before. Then I get the message that indicates a error occured in the form.

If you manage to reproduce it, can you display the error you get?

the http request emits this error was pasted above.

I do reproduce the issue with a user with same rights. Apparently we didn’t see the problem @tmortagne and myself because we have more rights. I’ll need to investigate a bit to fix this, I’ll keep you informed when it’s fixed.

So that’s now fixed @jingkaimori I apparently made a mistake when changing users’ right scheme. Thanks for the feedback!

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Ok!Thank you!


https://l10n.xwiki.org is very very very slow.

Can someone have a look?


Signed: a translator :sweat_smile: