Using CAPITAL LETTERS and special characters for Subwiki Unique Identifier

While creating a subwiki, Unique Identifier of that wiki accepts only small letters.
I wonder if I can use Capital latters and hyphen by any way.
I am interested to do so because, this Identifier is used in url to that subwiki (which currently becomes all small characters)
I want to improve readability (using capital letters and hyphen) of subwiki urls compared to current scheme.

Thanks in advance

When you enter the wiki identifier it automatically propose an alias but you can then modify it to be anything you like, you can even have several (the first one being the one used to generate external URLs).

Thanks. It works. But still got one problem.
All the page links in breadcrumbs still use the unique identifier with all small letters. It doesn’t seem to use the alias.

I you remember the wiki creation form you have 3 things:

  • pretty name: what you see, allow anything
  • id: technical id mostly used in code
  • alias: URL stuff