Video macro: can't edit object of type XWiki.WikiMacroParameterClass > 0

I’m trying to edit some parameters of the video macro. (Should be described in german.) If I try to edit macro parameter “width” (1) I will always end up editing parameter “url” (0).

  • go to /xwiki/bin/edit/Macros/Video20?editor=object&classname=XWiki.WikiMacroParameterClass&object=1
  • click on “WikiMacroParameterClass 1: width”
  • see parameter name “url” instead “width”

Trying it with every parameter higher then object=0 will end up in parameter name “url” and it’s further keys.

I already made a ticket #XWIKI-18969. But here I’m interested in a work around. Any chance to edit the parameter descriptions?

Regards, Simpel

Why do you absolutely want to open an editor on a specific object ? The most common way to edit objects in a page is simply through /xwiki/bin/edit/Macros/Video20?editor=object, that’s where the menu in the standard UI leads you.

That’s what I did first. The same problem. Click parameter „width“ and editor below shows parameter name „url“ and its other parameters.