We need a name for the new live table


While working with @cdesableau on the specs for the new live table we realized that being able to display the data using a different layout than the standard table layout is important and thus we need to make the new component more generic. We ended up writing the specs for a component that:

  • receives as input a list of entries that have properties, which can have meta-properties (that control how the user interacts with the properties); these entries can be wiki pages, xobjects, or anything else
  • displays the entries using various layouts (we plan to support table and card layout initially)
  • allows the user to sort, filter, select entries
  • allows the user to edit entries in-place, to delete entries and to add new entries
  • allows the user to add, edit or remove properties (e.g. edit an xclass)
  • is real-time

We need a name for this new component since livetable is not suited anymore. In a call with @vmassol we agreed on livedata but I wanted to know if you like it and if you have other (better) suggestions.



+1 :slight_smile:

+1 for the livedata name.



+1 for livedata



livedata sounds good.