Why is the backup so large? 30+ Gb

Hello, tell me please how to cope with the problem, after installing XWiki 12.2.1 in the docker, I imported a 3 Gb backup, created 10 pages, but deleted a lot files, and the backup grew to 30 !!! Gb.
What could be the problem? The interface displays that there are no deleted ones.

Hi, by “backup” you mean the attachment store on the filesystem, right?

Deleted attachments are kept on the filesystem but since your deleted attachment shows nothing, it’s weird and doesn’t look right to me.

How did you remove the attachments? From the XWiki UI? Did you remove them from the delete attachment view?


Hi, I made a backup via the interface, and also deleted pages it first (deleted pages), then I started to delete 80 attachments, deleted about 10 then I updated the page and all were gone.
And now in docker in many folders there are remote attachments. They can be deleted without worrying?


How did you do that?

How did you do that?

WDYM by updated the page?

A backup exports content as a XAR file. It doesn’t import it, so I don’t see the relationship.

I just created a page with a screenshot and deleted it, after the page appeared in deleted ones and there is no screenshot, and I updated the page because the wiki hung

Maybe there is a better way to do a backup in docker automatically?

So I confirm that right now if you delete a page with an attachment, the deleted attahcments tab doesn’t list these attachments. Only attachments you explicitly delete through the delete attachment UI appear there. I’ve created Loading...

Now that doesn’t explain the “wiki hung” part.

When did it hang exactly? And what size was the attachment?


Hi, when deleting a file about 15 MB, and in docker the project now takes 25 GB, and there were 32 GB