XWiki 12.3 roadmap

Here’s a proposal for the next roadmap for XS 12.3 (+ the ActivityPub extension).

Since we released 12.2 2 days in advanced, we’re starting the work now for 12.3.


  • Marius: Takeover RtWysiwyg contrib extension, clean it up, make sure it works with the latest version of CKEditor integration, and integrate as much as we can (i.e. the real-time edit infrastructure) in commons/platform. Use the result for adding real-time to the in-place WYSIWYG edit mode.
  • Thomas: New Solr-based notification storage
  • Simon + Manuel: Finish ActivityPub integration: work on UC3 (follow an entire wiki and display content from another wiki), validate interaction with another AP service (mastodon or nextcloud), better integrate AP in xwiki in terms of UI/UX.


  • 12.3RC1: 20th of April 2020
  • 12.3Final: 27th of April 2020

Please let me know if anyone has comments or issues with this.


I have now updated https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/ with it.

@committers: please review and transform each item into jiras.