XWiki all group

I simply wonder what would happen if we delete the XWiki all group which is provided by default, and create our own groups at XWiki?

The point of the XWikiAllGroup is to contain all users of the wiki.

By default, it’s a real group in which the users are actually added automatically, but you can also enable a virtual mode in which that groups do not “physically” exist (it does not have any corresponding page). But is still interpreted as “the group which contains all users” by the security system and the group related APIs. You can control that in the file xwiki.cfg with the property xwiki.authentication.group.allgroupimplicit.

Thank you. So it means, if I delete this group and define separate groups & roles, it should be working normally. I was just curious that if this by default group is deleted, then we may lose all users, but it seems, it is not the case.

It’s just a group like any other technically. If you delete it, you just won’t have this group anymore, but it does not really have any impact on the users (except for the fact any right the users had through this group will be lost).

Still, I would recommend enabling allgroupimplicit so that:

  • you don’t get it back every time a user is added
  • anything (like some extension) which may rely on it will still “find” it when using the standard group APIs

I followed all the instructions, but I still see XWikiAllGroup on the Group Page. Does this only apply to new users or?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for asking this question!

We renamed the XWikiAllGroup. Now we see both the new name (e.g., XWikiNewGroup) and the old XWikiAllGroup displaying when we go to someone’s profile page. However, when we click ‘XWikiAllGroup’, the page is not found. It sounds like we would want to edit the cfg file instead of going with the approach we first tried.

To clarify, if we made the group implicit in the cfg file, the group wouldn’t appear anywhere on the wiki (e.g., on a user’s profile menu under Groups) but it’s still grouping the users on the back-end?