xWiki migration 12 to 14

Hi guys,
I’d like to install last release (14). I currently have release 12.10.9. of course I have to migrate all content, including users and roles. what is the simplest solution?


Hi, the strategy is to read all the release notes from your initial version to the target version and check the "backward compatibility) section. All this explained at https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/AdminGuide/Upgrade

Note: There won’t be much to read since XWiki usually performs any migration needed automatically.

Thanks @vmassol. I’d like to try upgrade of minor release… what is the best practice?

ex. 12.10.9 to 2.10.10

Same answer :slight_smile:

Or, you could ignore those instructions, upgrade away, and then spend time scratching your head as to why you are having problems running the newer version.

Ask me how I know.

(To be fair, I did go through 2 major revisions and several minor ones before it caught up to me)