Xwiki Version Control question

Hi xWiki community:

I am new to xWiki, and this may be a silly question, but does xWiki version control system allow user to do more granular than just “[Major].[Minor]”? Can we configure version number to something like “[Major].[Minor].[Incremental]”?

Thanks you so much in advance!

If you’re talking about wiki page versioning then no it’s not configurable. It only supports major and minor ATM. FTR, underneath we’re using JRCS and we’d like one day to get rid of this.

Now if you’re a developer we do have a Java interface that you can implement and replace with your own version: xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/store/XWikiVersioningStoreInterface.java at 10d3d3d90bdc336b324d8eac0c77d273fd645713 · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub (just checked it though and it uses XWikiRCSNodeId which is linked to JRCS… too bad…).

Thanks vmassol for the reply!