AI in XWiki brainstorming

  • Idea 31 building on idea 23, inspired by idea 17 :slight_smile: Based on the answers users provide to questions, label users as experts on topics.

  • Idea 32 (building on Ideas 1, 4, 10, 11, 13, 17, 23) Personalised user dashboard: You select the topics you’re interested in following. Your dashboard is then populated with:
    • updates on topics you’ve expressed an interest in
    • updates on content you’ve engaged with
    • recommendations to check out similar content
    • tips on how to gain proficiency for your user type
    • questions you could be answering to improve the wiki content

  • Idea 33: identify content that is generic enough so it can be pushed to a public wiki (such as Wikipedia) to contribute to the knowledge of humanity

  • Idea 34: (IdentifyTheSaboteur™) identify users who intentionally publish wrong content (such as fake news) to decrease the quality of the knowledge.


Actually :slight_smile:


A very interesting topic, and some very interesting suggestions too.

Idea 35: It would be nice to see what AI/ NLP could do in the space of auto-linking text strings in an article to relevant articles that expand on the topic.


Idea 36: AI wiki gardener One of the biggest pains of people setting up wikis for knowledge sharing is that it can quickly become a mess where people just throw content and nothing can be found anymore. Usually, there is a human that is handling proper organisation of content, moving pages from one place to another, eliminating duplicates, splitting pages that talk about different topics or merging pages that talk about the same thing, pinging users to tell them to keep things clean.
It would be wonderful to replace this human with a robot!
Some of the tools mentioned above can be components/tools for the gardener.


It would also deliver on the promise of being the “best way to organize information” :wink:


Idea 37: Intelligent Upgrade: Have Artificial Intelligence inside XWiki that studies what decisions you take during a particular upgrade, learns from them, and will be able to apply similar decisions on the future upgrades it will make. For example, if we always do MERGE on WebPreferences, if will apply this decision on all WebPreference pages. It would also treat Skin pages in a particular way (overwriting some local .vms or looking at attached xhtml2fo.xsl for PDF Exports), looking for pages that have an XWikiSkins (PDFTemplate) objects attached to them.


Idea 38: help XWiki users turn chat discussions into new wiki pages or (more difficult) into wiki page updates capturing the gist of the discussion.


BTW for the fun, what’s the difference between Machine Learning and AI? :slight_smile:

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