Are these strings translatable or not?


I will post here some strings I see in XWiki UI but I can not translate / find in XWiki translation tool on

If I’m wrong => please tell me how translators can set these strings
If I’m right => I will open Jira issues to change XWiki code and add the missing strings to XWiki resources files.

Q1 "autosave"

Below strings can be seen at the bottom of pages in edit mode and are linked to (new) Autosave feature:

Despite my Wiki is set to french, this sentence is displayed in english and I can not find it in weblate for translation :disappointed_relieved:.

Q2 "Notification email footer"

I can not find the following strings in weblate neither (I want to improve it and as far as I understand it may be part of the new notification extension?)

Ce message a été généré par XWiki depuis XXX au nom de YYY.


Of course I tried “partial” searches in weblate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Q3 "Adding tag"

The following sentence is displayed in english despite Wiki is set to french and can not be found in Weblate:

Q4 "Admin: Solr triggered task"

Next sentence displayed in english and not available in Weblate for translation is linked to Solr in admin:

Important note: there are at least 3 sentences of this type, 1 for each Solr action.

Regarding Q4, could you create a jira issue in for it please since I’m confirming we’re missing a translation key in SolrSearchAdmin.xml:

  #elseif (!$isAjaxRequest)
    {{success}}$escapetool.xml($stringtool.capitalize($request.action)) successfully triggered.{{/success}}
    ## Only administrators with programmings rights are allowed to execute a custom query.


Sam for Q3, also confirmed, in tags.js at:

            onCreate : function () {
              // ignore "cascade" clicks
              form.notification = new XWiki.widgets.Notification("Adding tag...", "inprogress");
            onSuccess : function (response) {
              var wrapper = new Element('span');
              wrapper.insert(response.responseText + ' ');
              while (wrapper.childNodes.length > 0) {
                form.up('.tag-add').insert({before : wrapper.firstChild});
                form.up('.tag-add').insert({before : ' '});
            onFailure : function (response) {
              new XWiki.widgets.Notification(response.responseText || 'Server not responding', "error");

Could you create another jira issue at ?


This message is generated by SharePage.xml which contains the various translations.

I don’t see it in so it’s probably missing. Could you also raise an issue for l10n this time, in ? Thanks

Confirmed too, in autosave.js at:

    var autosaveLabel = new Element('label', {'class': 'autosave', 'for' : "doAutosave"});
    autosaveLabel.appendChild(document.createTextNode(" Autosave"));
    var frequencyLabel = new Element('label', {'class': 'frequency'});
    frequencyLabel.appendChild(document.createTextNode("every "));
    this.timeUnit = new Element('span');
    frequencyLabel.appendChild(document.createTextNode(" "));

Could you also create a jira issue for it at ?


Thanks for all your confirmations. Bugs have been opened in Jira (see list below) with links to this post + extract of the code you have provided.

Q1 “autosave” => Jira bug created (need change in source code) see

Q2 “Notification email footer” => Jira bug created (need changes in weblate settings) see / moved to

Q3 “Adding tag” => Jira bug created (need change in source code) see

Q4 “Admin: Solr triggered task” => Jira bug created (need change in source code) see

Waiting for next bugfixingday :hugs:.

Note: issues reported above were reported with priority in mind Q1 (high) > Q2 > Q3 > Q4 (low).

Some of the above Jira issues are already closed and will be fixed in next Xwiki release, thanks to devs :+1:.

I will come here to update status for each issue when I will be able to confirm they are really solved (after myxwiki update).

Quick update …

=> FIXED thanks!

=> still OPENED (work to be done before adding resource file to Weblate).

=> FIXED thanks!

=> FIXED thanks!