LDAP Authenticator 9.5 Released

Since yesterday there is a new version 9.5 of the LDAP Authenticator.

This adds a new feature to keep existing user profiles in XWiki if the authentication attribute/method of the LDAP login is changed.
For details for this feature see this thread.

If you do not need that feature (most of the time somewhat unlikely as one does not change the LDAP conf very often), you still might want to update as the new version also stops to log annoying warnings about deprecated “legacy-style HQL ordinal parameters”.

If you find bugs, please throw them in the issue tracker. If a bug is a deal breaker for you, there should be no problems downgrading to 9.4.6

Actually if you use the new feature you will likely run into a regression:


I am going to fix that as soon as possible.
If you do not use the new feature, this should not affect you - if you do, or if there is something else amiss, please add it to the bug tracker.