Menu (document tree) doesn't show in Edge, sometimes doesn't show in other browsers

Document tree constantly doesn’t show in Edge. Sometimes this happens also on Chrome and more rarely (almost never) on Firefox.

In network tab in developer tools I can see 404 code for

and 401 for:;jsessionid=62A0A1D7F42D214BAC5E5A452F0E7832?srid=fxmotYX9&xredirect=%2Fbin%2FMain%2F%3Fsrid%3DfxmotYX9

This is the dev console output in Edge:


XWiki 10.6.1 on Tomcat
No addons in any of the browser

As I mentioned in another thread, you have JavaScript errors related to an extension that you have installed, probably . text.js and ace are not used in XWiki Standard. This errors can prevent the tree from loading.

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Thanks a lot. Uninstalling this extension solved not only this problem but also increased the loading speed.

Thanks. I’ve added a red box on

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