Notifications macro and Activity (legacy) macro only showing wiki wide updates

I’ve tested this in xWiki 10.11.9 and 11.10.2.
When using the Notifications macro or the Activity (legacy) macro I cannot limit the displayed activity to a page and its sub-pages. The macros seem to ignore my pages parameter such as:

{{notifications pages="Main.Sandbox"/}}

No matter what I enter, I get the activity from everything in the wiki. This used to work as expected for me in xWiki versions 9.x using the old Activity macro.

Indeed, I tried it and couldn’t make it work either on XWiki 12.0 with {{notifications pages="Sandbox.WebHome" useUserPreferences="false"/}}.

@gdelhumeau Any idea?

On my side, if I use {{notifications useUserPreferences="false"/}} I don’t get any notifications at all.

Hi! I’ve just tested the Notifications Macro on XWiki 12.0 (HSQLDB/Jetty) and 11.10.3 (PostgreSQL 12/ Tomcat 9.0.27) with both {{notifications/}} and {{notifications useUserPreferences="false"/}} and I’ve got the content as expected.

I could also restrict the displayed activity to a page (in this case Sandbox.WebHome) by using {{notifications pages="Sandbox.WebHome" useUserPreferences="false"/}}.


@vern can you give some more details about your environment and maybe what Notifications Settings you’re using?

I’ve retested again and it doesn’t work for me on XWiki 12.0 except when I explicitly specify displayOwnEvents=true, as in:

{{notifications  pages="Sandbox.WebHome" displayOwnEvents=true/}}

So to conclude all is working fine! :slight_smile:

If you make changes with your user you’ll need to pass displayOwnEvents=true to see them.

In the case of @ilie.andriuta, it was working for him because he was making changes with another user.

So in your case either you were making changes with your logged in user or the reference you used for the pages parameter is not correct.

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ve tried these ideas on my own installs (10.11.9 on Tomcat 9.0.26 with MySql 5.7.29) and the xwiki playground and it still is showing activity from outside the desired pages.

Can someone take a look at the playground today and tell me if I’m crazy?

This is the default you don’t need to specify it. I don’t recommend using “true” since what you see will depend on the logged in user’s config (unless that’s what you want ofc ;)).

Indeed. Checking.

ok seems it’s a bug. I can reproduce the problem on XWiki 11.10.2 and 12.0. It seems the condition to have the issue is to be on a subwiki. It works fine on the main wiki for me.

@vern would be great if you could raise a jira at

Thanks for making me feel more sane today! Issue opened here: