Page hangs on save (Save 0%...). However, save is successful


Seems like quite a few people are having the same problem. Do we have a clear idea whether this is a bug in xwiki or purely setup issue?


@felher, this could well be the case. Sounds very similar to my experience when operating behind a proxy.

@vmassol, could we have your opinion on this?


My opinion is that this is an issue related to a front end proxy which is either not correctly configured or there’s some incompatibility in XWiki with it. At XWiki SAS we use Apache as a web front end and have never had any such issue. My gut feeling is that the issue is at the proxy config level.

Step 1 would be for someone to list the exact step that should be followed to reproduce the issue (using docker images would be great so that it’s easy to reproduce on developer’s machines).



This post seems to give a lof of useful information:

Maybe @tmortagne coud check it out since he wrote the async code and job code too?


What is described has nothing to do with async rendering framework or jobs.

The issue seems to be how the absolute redirect URL is resolved and unfortunately this is usually done by the application server (which does not have access xwiki.cfg or wiki descriptors) because we tend to give it relative URL (since that’s allowed in Servlet world) and we should probably not.