Switching to a LTS release every 6 months?

Either we maintain both a LTS and a candidate LTS or we don’t. If we do then it does not make any sense to not expose both.

It’s not abnormal to support several LTS (lots of projects do that, for ex Tomcat, Jetty, etc) with bug fix releases for the LTS of each branch/cycle.

Not sure what is your point, you seem to be the one complaining about supporting several LTS right now :slight_smile: All I’m asking here is to make it as easy as possible to choose which level of LTS you want to install.

I’m reviving this thread as I dropped the ball…

I’ve re-read it all and I think we basically have an agreement and the only remaining point was the introduction of a new debian repository. See below.

Yes I meant per cycle

Ok to add a new Debian repository and my naming preference is lts-candidate. Users who want both LTSes will need to have the 2 repos in their setup on Debian.

WDYT of a definition of the Candidate LTS like this:

The difference between the current cycle Candidate LTS and the previous cycle LTS is that the Candidate LTS allows users in production to use the newest features of XWiki. It’s super stable but the newest features will have less time to mature than what you’d find if you waited for the current cycle LTS, at the end of the year.


  • If some of the new features present in the Candidate LTS are important for you, we recommend that you upgrade to it.
  • If you’re starting with a new installation of XWiki (i.e. you’re not upgrading), we also recommend that you start with it, as it contains the latest and best features.
  • If upgrading XWiki is hard for you (e.g. lots of customizations) and the new features are not of a particular interest, then we recommend that you stay on your current LTS and wait till the next LTS (at end of year).

We will need to update the following docs:

This thread was a brainstorming and if I get a few approvals I’ll start a VOTE for it since I believe we need that as it’s an important decision. So please, speak up now if you’re not in favor of this :slight_smile:


+1 to start a VOTE

But since there were several variations, it’s not fully clear to me what is the current state of this proposal.

When do we start the next official Candidate LTS ? 16.4.x is currently kind of it technically (but only for XWiki SAS) and I would not be a huge fan of also support a 16.5.x Candidate LTS (since my understanding is that the current proposal is x.5.0). Or do we start this only with 17.5.0 ?

It’s not really clear to me what is the current proposal regarding the support time for each kind of LTS. I was thinking about:

  • Cycle LTS: until the next Cycle LTS starts (so same as now, about 1 year).
  • Candidate LTS: until the next Cycle LTS starts (I feel it does not make much sense to keep supporting a Candidate LTS if there is a higher Cycle LTS). That would suggest that the first half of the year, the Cycle and Candidate LTS would actually be the same thing.