12.10.2 - Extension Changes / Incorrect Home Page / Admin Account Issue

I just upgraded from 12.10.1 to 12.10.2 and something went terribly wrong. During the Distribution Wizard process, I got a message about many of my extensions were no longer necessary (or something, I should make better notes when I see screens I don’t recognize). I was then told that some extensions could be removed and others would be migrated to “top-level” extensions (again, not sure of the wording).

After that, it was indicated that many of my extensions needed updating, which I did, which all went fine, except for 3 (LDAP being one of them), and those 3 gave me an admin accessed denied message. I closed the browser and reopened it, then did check for updates again, which showed no updates were available.

Finally, and this all took a very long time, I was at the Home page…except it’s not my Home page, it’s the default Home page:


Anyway, I can see the actual Home page in the History section, but I can’t roll it back as now my account is no longer an admin!!!

I am just going to roll all of this back (database and files), then wait for feedback before I do the upgrade again.

Successfully, rolled back to 12.10.1. Will wait for feedback before I try again.

@laurin1 This is really weird. About “I got a message about many of my extensions were no longer necessary”, I don’t think this is new in 12.10.2 so it’s weird you didn’t get it before when you upgraded to 12.10.1 for example.

Do you know the steps/setup we could use to reproduce your problem?

Like I said, I didn’t capture the message well, but I’m going to try again, probably this weekend and if it happens again, I’ll let you know in greater detail

However, it was not just about removing extensions, I’ve gotten that before. Also, the message said something about migrating the reset to “top-level extensions”. What does that mean? Also, it showed updates to almost every extension we use (several pages of updates). Then there was the fact that 3 of them failed due to the fact that my account was no longer an admin.

Doing this again right now. First thing I realize is the last time, I did not get this screen last time:


Well, this time, no extensions were removed or updated.

Yea, so I have gotten the extensions to be removed message, maybe once, some time ago. I have never gotten the extensions to be migrated to top-level message. This time, I got neither.