7 wishes: 3 - Some additional extension points

I would like to see extension points in headings (before and after the heading).
It should have access to the depth and numbering of the chapters (something like “2.1.3”)

Example of an application:

I wrote an macro {{onOff/}} which should be entered in headlines like:
= Title A {{onOff /}} ==
== SubTitle A1 {{onOff /}} ==
== SubTitle A2 {{onOff visible=no /}} ==

Which renders into an clickable icon ▲ ▼ to collapse or open the contents of a chapter (and subchapters)

It is simply annoying to enter the commands in the source code editor. instead of calling up a single command in the document that does everything.

I am aware of the potential problems with WYSIWYG editors.

We already have that thanks to Rendering Transformations.

They all adding stuff before/after or even replace parts of the content.

Sorry, I didn’t check the possible effect of the Rendering Transformations, but only

Available Extension Points

It is not clear to me how I can use the rendering transformation to store a velocity script, for example.


You need to implement the Transformation interface either in java or as a wiki component. This means implementing the transform() method. See 7 wishes: 5 - Single Character Commands - #2 by vmassol