7 wishes: 7 - shift click to get an additional action menu

Introduction of a “shift click” operation

for links: open an additional popup window with link specific action or informations

examples for possible actions:

direct printing without opening the document first
split the window and display the document in a right pane.
set a tag without viewing the document
A shift click on a heading could suggest the option that the following section (assuming a suitable API) is translated into another language (call of DeepL or some AI)
additional information about the target file (author, last visitation, last change ...)

However, you should also think about an extension point within the action menu

for headlines:


opening / closing the paragraph content
show table of content or some other navigation

for any table:

modify the visible row count (activate scrollbar)



I see some problems:

  1. The browser already provides an action on shift-click, which is to open the link in a new tab. We discussed this topic a few years ago and decided to not redefine the standard browser actions.
  2. Shift-click won’t work on touchscreens/mobiles.

Now, for 1) it’d be possible to offer some toolbar on hover, but not sure how to do that for 2).

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Vincent, has Norbert already payed you the seven quarters for the wishing well?
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