A moved page to another section is still displayed in its old position

Hello there!

I have the following issue: I moved a page in my xwiki to another position in the same xwiki and it succeeded but the page is still displayed in both the old spot and the new one. Besides that, when I try to delete the old (already moved) page, I get the following message error%20message.

In other words, I cannot do anything in the remaining page (admin, delete, move…) , cause it doesn’t open.

Any idea why that’s happening?

Many thanks

Where exactly is the old page displayed? In the Navigation Tree, in the Page Index? Did you enable the “Show hidden pages” option in your user profile? My guess is that you moved the page leaving the “Create an automatic redirect” option checked and thus the old page you see is actually a hidden page that redirects to the new page (at the new location).

The old page is displayed both in the "Navigation tree and in the Page index (that’s the mystery I cannot solve…why it is still displayed).
I enabled the “Show hidden page” and I can see the page but I was able to see it before as well.
My problem is that I cannot delete it!
Your suggestion is whenever I move a page to uncheck the “Create an automatic redirect” ?

Maybe this can help https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/FAQ/How%20do%20I%20remove%20a%20redirect .

Depends if you care about the existing bookmarks that may have been created towards the old location. See also Loading... and Loading... .