A new audio player macro

Hi all,

As far as I can see the only existing audio player macro currently is this one by @ludovic, based on the Dewplayer JavaScript library, a JavaScript library which is not maintained anymore. There’s also the JW player Macro by @mflorea and others for playing multimedia files but it does not seem to expose a stripped down UI for audio only.

Hence I would like to introduce a new audio player macro, with a simple UI for playing audio files, and offering the following features:

  • UI which can be easily styled along an XWiki theme
  • Volume control
  • Total time display
  • Current position in time
  • Forward / backward buttons
  • Pause and play buttons
  • Download button
  • Ability to insert several players in the same page
  • Easily customizable

So far the most convincing widget I came across is Green audio player, its development is inactive since 2 years but it’s rather simple and shouldn’t be complex to maintain imho.

Before requesting the creation of a contrib repository for possibly turning that one to a webjar and a macro, I’m curious to know if you have identified any other suitable players or if you have other approach suggestions.



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