A showcase: one of our subwikis

Here is a litte showcase of our new XWiki-Design. Hope you like it.

To our reference page on xwiki.org
New look in a little video
(Could not upload it here as videos are not allowed :frowning:)


Fascinating & delightful.

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I dunno… some of those menu items spelling seems rather odd.


Awesome! Thanks a lot @jwielsch for registering a reference page, and for the video :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve fixed the reference sheet to fix the broken image on Johanneswerk (XWiki.org) (it used to consider all attachments as images and thus your mp4 attachment was displayed in a broken way).

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Odd? :smiley:
What exactly? :slight_smile:

I did not change the menu-items for the video so this is, basically, our top-menu. (which is missing a lot, as many parts of the company are still scheduled to move into xwiki from our former cms.)

I’m sorry. I was making a joke.

To an English speaker, the menu looks a little odd because it’s not in English. That’s the joke.

There is nothing actually odd about it.

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Don’t worry - you got a point: the german language is odd, sometimes :smiley:

Long words, you know.



and random capital letters in the middle of words :wink:

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We Do What We Can

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