Account at no longer exists?

I just tried to login to my wiki but got a message “Error: Invalid credentials”.

I use a password manager, so I feel confident I’m not fat fingering anything. “forget password” tells me my username (Mathuaerknedam) is unknown, and “forgot username” tells me that my email address is unknown. Wiki pages still list my username for as last editor, so it seems curious that it would be unknown.

My account was created (with the wiki) back here.

How can I recover my account? Thanks!

Hi @Mathuaerknedam

We’re removing every day “spam users”. One strategy used is to remove users having the same first name and last name. Do you happen to have the same first name and last name in your real identity by any chance? If so I’d encourage you to create a user with a difference between both first and last name to not be mistaken for a spammer.


I would not have used “mathuaerknedam”, for both, but believe I did leave the name fields blank (I think that was allowed). I definitely would not have put the same thing both both, since that would be weird and confusing for my teammates.

After setting up the wiki, I encouraged my teammates to the the same, since we generally know each other by username, and very rarely know an actual first or last name. Without providing a first or last name, the username is used in the wiki, saving the effort of trying to determine the username when we see a first or last name. I’ll guess this means that several teammates has also had their accounts removed.

What would you recommend using? Username for first name and a space for last? Or a period? Or is there something better I should do so that we don’t run afoul of the anti-spam measures? Is here some documentation I should be looking at? I’d be happy to do my own research instead of bothering people here, I’ve just not found anything yet.

I’ve checked again and I confirm that we only delete accounts that have first name = last name.

So maybe your problem is different and not related to our antispam techniques.

Could you recreate your account as it was and let me know when it’s done. I’ll then try to verify the antispam on it but I believe it won’t touch it.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble

yes this is not something documented… and I’d rather we don’t explain too well whom we consider spammers… this post already says too much :wink:

I’ve recreated my account. In doing so, I noticed that technically my first and last name are the same, since each is empty.

I can confirm that you’re considered a spam user since you’re are in the worst case: not only they’re the same but they’re even empty :wink: So you should fill the first name or last name (or better both) as your user will be removed during the next cleanup.

How’s that? First name = “Mathuaerknedam”. Last name = " " (a space).