Activate PR Checker for docker-based tests

Hi devs,

I think we just forgot to activate the PR checker check for docker-based tests. This check is currently only done for old selenium-based tests (non-docker ones). I’m proposing to add it.

FYI, this is what it does (

  • We check automatically that we don’t have wiki pages that require Programming Rights unduly. This is exercised during functional tests. For more details see Testing documentation.

which leads to:

  • We check for pages that require Programming Rights automatically by bundling a Listener component that listens to the ScriptEvaluatingEvent event and that drops Programming Rights, in an effort to make the tests fail and so that the developer can notice he requires PR and fix that. In some cases where it’s necessary, this can be disabled by setting the configuration <testProgrammingRights>false</testProgrammingRights> in the configuration of the Package Mojo, and/or by using a System Property to control where the check is performed, e.g. <xwikiPropertiesAdditionalProperties>test.prchecker.excludePattern=.*:XWiki\.XWikiPreferences</xwikiPropertiesAdditionalProperties>. Since XWiki 9.8RC1

I’d like to enable it but we need to be aware that this likely cause some test failures in case there are pages requiring PR for which we don’t currently have an exclude.


+1 as this is a very valuable check

Then, the question is how much tests will fails, and how hard it will be to fix those?

From my past experience, I don’t think a lot but probably a couple.

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