ActivityPub Application 1.0 released

Hi everyone,

I and @mleduc are happy to announce the release of the first version of ActivityPub Application.

This first version allows to follow a user from another XWiki instance to be notified when he/she creates a new page. If this first usecase is pretty simple we hope to be able to improve it very soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

As reminder, we announced the beginning of the development of this application in this thread in which you might find some information about the development context, and what we want to achieve here.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have feedback or questions.

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Great, thanks @mleduc and @surli!

I guess there’s no User Profile UI yet, right?

Also, it could be great to start publishing the AP end point that have been implemented, on the extension page, WDYT? I’d like to be able to try calling an XWiki AP end point and see what I get, it’s also a first step for external apps to test the XWiki AP integration.


Indeed, that’s one of our priority but we need first to have the extension point, so it won’t be there before the release of XWiki 12.2.

That’s possible, now I don’t know if we should publish it on the current extension page (linked to the UI maven module), or if I should create another extension page linked to the maven server module since it’s information about the API.

I’d put it on the main page for now since there isn’t much and I find it better to have everything in one place. We can aways split later on when there’s a lot to document. WDYT?

there is not much talk about activityPub here on the forum. is there another source where you exchange ideas?


not really, we worked on the activity pub extension 2 years ago mainly as an experiment, but so far it doesn’t seem it has been much used since we didn’t received lots of feedback. So right now we’re not working actively on it anymore. That being said we’d be glad to answer your questions or suggestions and to improve the extension if you need it. And the main channel for those discussions is probably this forum or our matrix chat: