Add a horizontal menu at the top

Hello, we are currently using xwiki 12.10.7. Please tell me how you can add a horizontal menu at the top. I want to set it up as shown in the example on Screen_1. At the moment we have the following Screen_2.
I can’t find the settings that are responsible for this in the xwiki administration, please tell me how you can make such a menu?

See . Note: This is an extension that is installed by default in your wiki.

Hello, yes, I have this extension installed (Screen 1), but when I go to the settings: Global Administration: Menus, I see a blank page there (Screen 2). Please tell me why nothing is displayed there?

hmm why don’t you follow the instructions on ?

not sure about that but you shouldn’t need to go there. How did you access it?

In any case just follow the instructions at

After reinstalling the Menu Application extension, it became possible to add entries in Administration: Menus. Before reinstallation, it was empty. After that, it turned out to create a horizontal menu. Thanks.