Add "caused by" link relationship in jira

The idea is to be able to have the info about what issue caused a regression. Right now we can only add that info as a comment.

Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 12.46.22



Just tried it on Loading... if you want to see it in action.

Then it’s possible to do queries like find all jira issues that caused other issues as in:"project%20%3D%20XWIKI"%2C%20"caused%20by")

+1 for the new type of links but the example does not make much sense to me since Loading... is not a bug

The example shows the list of jira issues that caused a problem, solved by another issue (like a regression).

Sorry you’re talking about the first example. Checking, maybe I made a mistake.

Indeed it was inverted, I’ve now fixed it: Loading...

Thanks for noticing it.

Note: I started using it in Loading... for example.

By the way shouldn’t it be “is caused by” to be consistent with the form used in other links ?

Fixed, thanks.

Was implemented (see Log in - JIRA for admins).