Add links to the upgrade guide too?

I have XWiki installed as a WAR in Tomcat. Each time I have to upgrade, I go to Download XWiki 14.10.18 ( fetch the new WAR and start the whole process.

That page only links the installation instructions.
Can a link to the Upgrading ( guide be added too? Sure it is just a few links away from the installation notes, but it would be nice to have them there too.

You mean that instead of having 2 links (“Download” + “Installation Notes”), you propose to have 3 (“Download” + “Installation Notes” + “Upgrade Notes”)?

Another idea is to add a link to the upgrade page in the “installation Notes” page. WDYT?


Actually, I click on “Installation notes” (1st click), “Administrator guide” in the breadcrumbs (2nd click), “Upgrade” (3rd click), then scroll down to " Upgrading the webapp".
This proposal would make me do just one click less + mentioning “upgrade” in a document targeted at “installation”, I don’t like that very much.

But I update our instance two to three times a year, so please wait for other opinions :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly.