Add option to remove or keep the Contents box when exporting a page from a template as a PDF

Currently, a Simple Page, Encyclopedia, Article, Meeting notes page template includes a Contents box (a TOC). When exporting such a page as a PDF, you are given the option to include a TOC, you include it, but then, the Contents box in the exported file will also be included, causing a duplication in this way.

Would it be possible to include an option when exporting such a page type (coming from a template including a Contents box) to remove or keep the Contents box, perhaps like a checkbox in the PDF export dialogue?

These 2 situations are to be considered:

  1. If the user doesn’t check the TOC option when exporting to PDF, they may want to include the TOC from the page - the Contents box
  2. If you include more than one page in the PDF export then the TOC option shows the TOC for all pages and thus it’s not a duplicate anymore

Hi @AChirica I think you’ve already created a jira issue for this no? I remember already providing an answer somewhere about this :slight_smile:

ok i’ve found it at Loading...

You can check my answer at Loading...

I still believe that the best answer is to use the following in the content in your wiki:

(% class="hidden-print" %)(((
{{box cssClass="floatinginfobox" title="**Contents**"}}

What I’m not sure of is whether we want that to be by default in the XS pages having a TOC macro. I’m not fully against it but not sure if it would do more good than harm.


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I’m not sure either, and I’m also not sure that it’s worth exposing such a configuration when you can do it from wiki syntax.