Add the horizontal ellipsis to the icon set


we’re using the horizontal ellipsis icon in the notification area of XWiki for a long time, in the button to display details of notification. However this icon is not part of the icon set of XWiki, so we should fix that to be more consistent.

I propose to add the icon with the following mapping in the different icon themes:
Capture d’écran du 2023-09-12 09-29-31

Note that “more-vertical” icon already exists, the proposal is only about “more-horizontal”. I chose the eye for silk theme as fallback since there’s nothing that really matches this icon and the concept seemed relevant with how we used it in the notification area (i.e. to display details).


+1 to add an horizontal ellipsis icon.

I think we should use chevron-right for the Elusive icon theme, it would be more consistant with what’s already done with ‘more-vertical’, and give some directionality that the ‘eye’ icon lacks.

Side note: similarly, a couple weeks ago I noticed that the ‘caret-left’ variable was not available even though we have ‘caret-up’, ‘caret-right’ and ‘caret-down’.

+1 thanks

I’m not a fan of the eyes but I did not find any relevant icon either. There is some arrows we could use but I don’t think conveying a direction is what we want.

Well I thought about using arrows for it, but I’m not a fan of actually using a directionality for this icon. The ellipsis is not directional: for example, using the button for the details in notification won’t act on the left of the button at all, it will open a div below the button. So using a left arrow would be weird here.




Sounds good, thanks

I’m not sure what the meaning of “more-horizontal” is (vs. the “more-vertical”) and why you want to use this icon in the notification drawer. My understanding of “more-horizontal” would be that we should use it when something will expand to the right. However, this is not the case in the notification drawer, in the notification drawer it expands to the bottom so we get more content vertically, not horizontally. I would rather suggest to re-design the notification drawer to use a standard expandable section as we have it in other parts of the XWiki UI instead of introducing a new icon.

The thing is the icon is already used in the notification drawer, e.g. that’s the 3 dots button in the following screenshot:

The proposal is that it’s currently used without a proper mapping in the icon set, so let’s fix that. Also, even if we decide to use another icon for the notification, it might be nice to have that one as we have the vertical one.

Now I agree it’s probably not the best icon for this usage, and we could change that in the notification drawer, but it’s another proposal then.