Admin-Tools says: there are missing indexes

hi folks,

in the admin tools application i checked the db for missing indexes. Two are missing. Can you give me the sql-syntax to add them, please?

I think these are not listed in the documentation.

Working on wiki xwiki

  • Index DOC_FULLNAME on column (XWD_FULLNAME) from table xwikidoc doesn’t exist!
  • Index DOC_SPACE on column (XWD_WEB) from table xwikidoc doesn’t exist!

Is the admin tools application checking all databases or do i have to install the application in subwikis, too to check them?



can you help me here, too?

Just checked and indeed seems they are not indicated, @tmortagne you know if it’s missing doc or something else here?

Sorry I don’t know at all this extension, so can’t really help there. Maybe @tmortagne would have an idea.

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Those are most probably not listed because they are automatic. I can definitely see them on and I do find them in my MySQL database. So it’s very strange that you don’t have them, maybe a bug in that application. suggest it’s looking at all wikis but it seems to be very explicit about that from what I see (display a "Working on wiki " heading for each wiki).

Thank you very much!

Is it possible to add the missing indexes? I am no technician so a litte help would be great.

I would start by checking if the application really is right using some database client (like the one you used to create the main wiki database).

Ok. I’ll check that soon! Thank you.


Both indexes are there. Our Server-Admins checked it for me.

OK so I guess it means there is a bug in this extension, you might want to report it on