Admin Tools : XWiki Configuration Check give error


I have installed Admin Tools, however when I click “Xwiki Configuration Check” under “Configuration Tools”, it gives following error.

Failed to execute the [groovy] macro. Cause: [No such property: connectionProvider for class: org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl]. Click on this message for details.

I am using XWIKI version 11.5.

I can confirm this problem. The Admin tools configuration check no longer works with XWiki 11.x, as it tries to access some “internals” that have changed in the mean time.

@firoz Do you want to file a bug report for this in the issue tracker at: Loading... or should I do it?

Thanks for your reply Clemen. If you raise the bug for me that would be helpful.

Can you please advise the stable version of Xwiki where Admin Tool would work?

Issue created here:


Actually XWiki 11.5 should be ok as a stable version; it is the Admin Tools which needs to be updated. This extension uses things that are not part of any API and might break between XWiki versions, and thus it needs updates here and then. The configuration check is unlikely to show you anything interesting, as the default values are nowadays usually ok, unlike somewhat five to ten years ago, where one usually had the “Oh, there I need to enable UTF-8, too”-experience quite often :slight_smile:

If you really want an XWiki version that works better with the Admin-Tools, you might try the “Long Term Support” version, where the current version is 10.11.9: