Administration question - show pages which are currently being edited?

Is there any way to query which pages are/have been opened for editing?

Does this question even make sense in the context of xwiki?

Basically, I’m looking for a “report” to show me which/how many pages have been opened for editing by the users so I can decide whether I can safely upgrade a wiki without losing the users unsaved changes.


Hi, what you could do is check which pages have locks in the DB.

Note that this will probably go away at some point in the future when we move to realtime editing by default.

select xwl_doc_id, xwd_id, xwd_fullname,xwd_title from xwikilock left join xwikidoc on xwl_doc_id = xwd_id order by xwl_date desc;


Not as helpful as I was hoping for, so I’ll just have to make sure the users save their changes first.