After 13.10.2 installation | Unable to use both "Paragraph" and "Style" anymore (wysiwig)

Hi everyone,

Last couple of days I have been testing a fresh ‘latest and greatest’ xwiki installation. 13.10.2 to be exact.
Out of the box this seems to work nicely, as I was used to use the application for years.
However, what surprises me is that I am not able to combine a “Paragraph Format” together with a “Style”.
For instance: I would like to be able to have a title marked up as heading 1 (Paragraph format) inside an succes box (Style).
Still I can achieve it via the ‘source’ button. However, for me it is a quite a workaround, because I use the wysiwyg CKEditor editor.

Has anyone experienced this too? And if so, how can I get this working again?

Thanks for any reply/response.

Best regards,
Detlev Schigt

Hello @dschigt ,

Thanks for trying 13.10.2.

I’ve made a few tests on 13.10.2, 12.10.9 and 11.10.3 and indeed the behavior changes between 12.10.9 and 11.10.3.

Maybe @mflorea knows more about this, but this looks like a regression to me.

You can use the success/warning/… macros instead of the styles, they are available from the insert macro button in CKEditor.


Success macro vs success style:

success macro

(% class="box successmessage" %)
success style

Hi mleduc,

Thanks for the swift and confirming response.
Any clue if/whether/how I can elevate this in one way or another so in next (or any upcoming) edtion it might become fixed? Or is that more or less the question at @mflorea you mention too?

Thanks again for any reply/response.

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Well, for me it didn’t fully work on XWiki 11.10.3 either. Applying Paragraph Format (e.g. H3) first and then Style (e.g. success box) was loosing the heading format. Which is normal because the success box style is defined using a DIV.

When applying the Style first, e.g. success box, and then the Paragraph Format, e.g. H3, the previous output was:

<h3 class="box successmessage">test</h3>

while now you get:


Basically, in the previous versions the styles were preserved. But that doesn’t mean you were “able to have a title marked up as heading 1 (Paragraph format) inside an success box (Style).” because you didn’t have a heading inside a success box, you had a title styled as a success box.

To me this looks like a bug that was fixed in CKEditor. Basically if a success box is defined using a DIV, then replacing the DIV with a heading H3 doesn’t guarantee you that you still have the success box styles because the CSS may very well be written with specific selectors such as: {...}

which don’t apply to headings. So I think CKEditor fixed this behavior because changing the format (e.g. go from DIV to heading or paragraph) doesn’t always preserve the style so they probably though it’s safer to remove the style when this happens.

In any case, this behavior is not controlled by XWiki. It comes from CKEditor. We can of course overwrite it but we try to avoid that so that we can upgrade more easily without breaking our code. The best option for you is to use the success box macro instead of the success box style.

Could we remove that to avoid confusion and have only one way of doing it? We’ve had issues in the past with this with users asking questions and not understandin git.

Hi mflorea and vmassol,

Thanks for the response. It is clear and understood what you mean to explain.

Best regards,

Detlev Schigt

We could. The box macros were not editable in-line when I add these styles.