After importing of XWIKI to another installation the pages containing ";" is now unreachable

Dear community,
if title of page contains “;” like: “Some text; some text further”, all content of page is missing, but the name of the page in page index is still present. So the content of page is lost while it contains “;” in title. I have done normal export and import in XWIKI settings.

Thank you

If you can see the page in the index it means the important did its job it seems. Maybe the problem is coming from whatever proxy you have in front of XWiki, what URL and what error do you get when you try to access this page ?

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It says there is no page like that and asked me if I want to re-create it. While it is in page index, the content of page is not available (it is not there). It is like shell or some kind of remains of existing page. Other imported pages are all right (other pages without “;” in title).
Problem was in URL indeed, thank you. If I came to site with IP - everything showed correctly, if I came there using domain - the page which has “;” in title are unreachable. It came from maybe wrongy set domain on Tomcat through Apache. Can I ask you please ise there any best practice for setting a domain to particular sub-wiki?

Can I ask to help please? Problem is still persisting. The semicolon sign is saved to database correctly, but only problem is if I access those pages via domain, if done by IP it is correctly accessible.