After renaming sub-wiki name the old one is still displaying in URL

I renamed sub-wiki’s name to different one and the old name is still displaying in some pages of the renamed wiki. I want to ask, if there isn’t some best practise to follow.

Done on:
XWIKI12 tomcat8 mysql

Thank you community of XWIKI.

Since there is no standard “rename wiki” in XWiki I’m not sure what you exactly did but if you renamed the database and the wiki descriptor page then what you are missing is the “alias” inside the wiki descriptor I guess.

Now note that if you just renamed the database and descriptor page name you probably broke quite a few references (links pointing to this wiki from other wikis, notification events, etc.).

In “mother” wiki I just renamed the sub-wiki listed in wiki index. Changing name was successful, URL and whole wiky renamed.

Thing which I am talking about is smtng like “ghosting” of previous name of wiki which sometimes appear in some pages in URL browser area. I have been observing it for some time and my opinion is it could be some cache saved in browser of the user who “remembers” the previous link to the particual page and the wiki remembers all previous links - names to the particular wiki because of (I am just guessing) reverse accesibility? Is my assumption wrong? Can I clear this cache in XWIKI system?

Thank you

Still not clear for me as using “Move / Rename” on a wiki descriptor page is not going to rename the wiki, it will just break it. Maybe you mean you modified the alias (which in no way rename the wiki, it just change its default URL) ?

Yes I renamed the alias which renamed the URL. So if I understand well, can I delete old aliases to have only one remained? Or is there some smooth way hot to properly do it?

All the aliases are listed in the descriptor but there is a “hidden alias”: if the URL does not match any wiki descriptor but the alias starts with some wiki id then it will fallback on this wiki. If what you want is making those URL not work anymore you can disable this fallback using the property url.standard.multiwiki.notFoundBehavior in

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Thank you very much, now I understand. Marking it as a solution.