After week Java start using more than 45% of CPU and memory while XWIKI installed and run

Dear community,
after some time circa a week or two weeks Java Tomcat with XWIKI start using more than 45% of CPU and MEM while run in Tomcat and crashes. I love this XWIKI, I think it is one of best wiki in market seriously. But these problems like this one are complicating maintain or implementation processes which I am very sad about (little bit impractical or documentation more like system of recomendation than comprehensive system of steps).

So we are using Ubuntu 18.04, Tomcat 8, Debian installation of XWIKI 12 , MySQL 5.7.29, Apache 2.4.29. The structure is: one XWIKI parent contains one XWIKI child.

For example can Castor or SOLR SW be deployed next to XWIKI on Tomcat? Or do we have to have XWIKI installed solely on Tomcat at all?

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Idea: You could take a thread dump to see what it’s doing. Take several thread dumps at 5mn intervals and compare them.

Sure, I’ll try it, than you.

So I have done 3-4 minutes interval thread dumps of tomcat8. Can I please ask you to check it? Unfortunately I am not as good as you in Java.

TD_1.txt (40.7 KB)
TD_2.txt (40.7 KB)
TD_3.txt (40.7 KB)
TD_4.txt (40.7 KB)
TD_5.txt (42.6 KB)
TD_6.txt (40.2 KB)