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Hi there!
I just got my own wiki on and I really enjoy it :smiley::smiley: . Thank you a lot!

When I started using the wiki a question arose:
What kind of agreement with what legal entity did I accept when asking for a wiki on I do not remember whether I checked a box during my registration and now I can not find any information which really matches my question.
The background of my question is that I want to know that the legal entity which finally is responsible will not take my data for some kind of analytics or what else.
Of course I know that I do not have any rights for fancy data protection measurements. But I would like to have the promise that no one is interested in my data stored in the wiki and that it is hosted in europe.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Those are very good points. We need to have a page with the legal info.

For, we have but even there we should probably put more information like mention that the date is not used for anything (which is the case!). However, all admins (i.e. a subset of committers) have access to subwiki if they want (they don’t go there but technically they have access to it - this is used for maintenance reasons of the farm). What’s sure is that there are no analytics done on your wiki data.

FYI the hosting of all * and * sites is sponsoring by the XWiki SAS company and they host on OVH. So that’s Europe.You should also check the " Copyrights and Intellectual Property" section on (which applies to too).


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Indeed, we will update the Legal noce as soon as possible, as it is needed for a better understanding of data protection rights on

As a completion to what Vincent wrote, the XWiki privacy policy from has relevant information, especially regarding Your rights at XWiki and Exercising your rights at XWiki.

Vincent already pointed out that the data admins have access to is not used for anything in particular (definitely not for analytical purposes). Also, the hosting provider of XWiki is OVH, on which you could find additional information on and our partner’s site as well.

Thank you for your question and if there is anything else you would like to know about your personal data, please don’t hesitate to write to us!

Is this you, Cristina Rosu from XWiki SAS? :slight_smile: (Your name is weird!).

FTR and for readers, when Cristina said “we”, I think she meant XWiki SAS and not developers. Cristina is the DPO (Data Protection Officer) at XWiki SAS.

AFAIU this is for XWiki SAS and not xwiki/ So “XWiki” must be read as “XWiki SAS” in the sentence above.

This means that both XWiki SAS and the xwiki committers and not using the data.

So this means that the developers now need to work with XWiki SAS to clarify what both “entity” are not doing with the data and write this on some pages at


Yes, Vincent, I’m Cristina! I logged in with my Github account - it was more convenient. :smiley:

Thanks for your clarifications. Indeed, I have a broad interpretation of what “we” means: I talk also about the company XWiki SAS which offers services on top of the OSS project.

However, the parts indicated from the Privacy policy (data subject rights and exercising them) could be relevant IMO also for the community from, an aspect which will be clarified by updates to the Legal notice. :pencil2:

Take care and let me know if there is anything else I could help you with.


Hi @Caibot. Thanks to your post we’ve now worked on this and Caty has put information on the home page at

Could you check the content and tell us if it matches your expectations?

Thank you!

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Hi @vmassol and @redchrision!
Thank you very much for the effort you made! I am very happy with the solution. And I am happy that I could help you with my question :slight_smile: .