All subpages are gone after upgrade to 10.3

I got notified of upgrading my wiki, so I just did so as per instructions.
However, after upgrade, all the subpages under my wiki are gone, so are those things under Navigation in the left panel that originally came in from the Demo flavor.
What shall I do to recover them?
Please help.

Navigation panel is (too) often broken after an upgrade, the fix is usually to clean your browser cache. It’s probably just that, I have a hard time imagining how an upgrade could delete all the pages.

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Thanks. I will try.
I am at a loss as to why it has happened.
If only I had made a backup before upgrade.
Which files/directories should I have backed up for the content I had created in XWiki?

The wiki pages are located in the database.

I cleared Browser cache and restarted the Ubuntu Linux 16.04 where my XWiki runs.
Fortunately, it seems to have returned to normal now.


after you got away so “mildly”, maybe now is the time to implement your backup strategy. :wink:
See here


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I noticed the same problem in 10.1 → 10.2. It turns out that it is a known issue with xwiki and browser caching that will get fixed eventually.

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After every upgrade, I always send an email to all staff to remember to press Shift + F5 several times before reporting any issues. This always resolves the issues with links not showing in the navigation panel or the visual editor not loading (you just get the spinner until you refresh).

So make backups and make Shift + F5 your friend (at least until whatever the issue is gets fixed :slight_smile: )

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@tmortagne @rbr @pdwalker @mahomed_h
Thank you all for your help.
I think I will still need to count on you a lot for tips like these before getting familiar enough with XWiki.