Allow contrib project to request a dedicated chat + have one for ActivityPub

Hi devs,

Contrib Dedicated Chats

Right now on we offer several dev resources to contrib project (JIRA project, wiki extension page, forum, etc). See for details.

Simon, Thomas and I (we discussed it privately) would like to propose allowing contrib projects to request a dedicated chat room if they want one. The idea would be that the contrib project lead would decide either to use the xwiki chat room or have a dedicated chat room for his/her project. This makes sense for largish projects with lots of volumes.

This proposal includes modifying the Template (see to include a line for the chat.


  • Separate chats for high volumes, allowing only devs interested in the topic to follow
  • Makes it easier to go back to the chat and search for what was said on the project’s topic (vs searching in xwiki)


  • Creates segregation.
    • Note that if Matrix/Riot were supporting Threads (as Slack or Mattermost and other do), we could have imagined using that. But a dedicated chat makes it even easier to find back the content than a thread.

ActivityPub Dedicated Chat

Simon (as the project lead) would like to have a dedicated chat for the new ActivityPub contrib project that he’s going to propose real soon.

If nobody is against this, I’ll modify accordingly.


Was implemented and documented at