Allow only certain pages for user group

I’d like to configure XWiki so that a certain user group can only access a certain space and it’s subspaces resp. sub pages.
I tried to restrict the whole wiki and disallowed all rights for XWikiAllGroup.
I allowed all rights for a certain page and it’s children for the user group.
It works that members of the user group can only access the pages, but there are two problems:

  • Icons (FontAwesome) are not displayed. The CSS is not loaded as it’s not part of the HTML code.
  • The navigation tree is empty

Questions: Am I doing something wrong? Can I change some permissions to fix the issues?
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Yes, by “restrict the whole wiki and disallowed all rights for XWikiAllGroup” you restricted the access to the Skin, Color Theme, Icon Theme, Panels (including the Navigation panel), Search, etc… Many XWiki features are defined in wiki pages so by restricting access for the whole wiki you restricted the access to these features. You should allow view right on the standard XWiki pages for all your registered users.

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Thanks a lot for your help!

I was able to fix it. I set view rights on the the following spaces/pages:

  • Home
  • XWiki
  • FlamingoTheme
  • Panels
  • IconThemes

I could see some of them only after enabling hidden pages in my user profile.

Then I restricted the view access again for:

  • UserDirectory
  • Group profiles
  • User profiles
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