Android app for Xwiki

Hi All,

I study programming under Android, I need a task for training and gaining experience. Does anyone have any ideas on the topic?

One idea is contributing to GitHub - xwiki-contrib/android-authenticator: An Android authenticator to be used by other android application and with integrated synchronization of contacts but it might conflict a bit with the fact that it’s proposed for GSOC (see Now it’s not selected and even if it is nothing prevent several people to work on it and do different stuff.

Another idea could be to start a new application which is using this authenticator to access XWiki and provide some specific integration. Would need to think about classical integration with Android (for example the authentication comes with contact synchronization as main use case) but I guess there is other possible ideas (getting XWiki notification as standard Android notifications on your phone could be nice for example).

I was interested in this: Firebase from Google.

And further Send notifications across platforms for free.

And further Firebase Cloud Messaging.

All that sounds more like something to do on XWiki side than Android side.

Why, on the side of the Android client application is created.

It is clear that the site must be configured for this service. The site sends messages to the addressee through the delivery service, the delivery service implementation is hidden and should not interest the client, only the program interface. The application on the client somehow receives notifications from the service and prompts the user to do something (depends on the functionality of the application).

Similar services - MQTT brokers, MQ managers. Pattern Observer in programming languages.

To all: Are there any other examples of message delivery services?